Iran's Annual Cardiology Conference, HINGMED ABPM is Widely Welcomed by Overseas Markets

This conference received praise and cooperation invitation from overseas customers to further expand overseas markets.


HINGMED will participate in the 35th Zhejiang Spring Medical Exhibition in 2023

Welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to visit the exchange!


HINGMED Ambulatory Blood Pressure Service in Ningbo Beilun District People's Hospital

Xingmai Medical will uphold the mission of "making everyone's blood pressure healthier" and provide customers with advanced ambulatory blood pressure monitoring products.


Comfortable and convenient! Star vein 360 automatic binding sphygmomanometer cuff patented

Solve user pain points and provide a more convenient and comfortable pressure measurement experience.


Xingmai Medical Releases WIFI Edition Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Starpulse Medical (HingmedMedical) is a clinical-grade medical device manufacturer, introducing the world's first clinical-grade wearable 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor (Starpulse HingmedWBP). Inside the hospital, nurses measure blood pressure for many patients every day, and a large amount of blood pressure data is generated every day. How to manage and use these data? Xingmai Medical has added WIFI wireless transmission function on the basis of its wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor. Makes the hospital wireless blood pressure data monitoring, data collection, management possible. For example, inpatients or outpatients need blood.


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