Iran's Annual Cardiology Conference, HINGMED ABPM is Widely Welcomed by Overseas Markets

Recently, HINGMED participated in Iran's annual cardiology conference, with 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor WBP-02A appearing at the exhibition.


Iran Annual Cardiology Congress Site


An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a necessary professional equipment for clinicians. It is used to measure blood pressure information in a daily state. Through automatic intermittent timing measurement within 24 hours a day, it can understand the dynamic changes in blood pressure and provide a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis of hypertension. It is an indispensable detection method for hypertension management.


HINGMED  Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor WBP-02A


The WBP-02A has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high measurement success rate, position recording, accurate measurement, etc. The biggest advantage is the innovation of non-trachea, smaller and lighter wearable on the basis of traditional ambulatory blood pressure monitor.



Iran Annual Cardiology Congress Site


The product has been recognized by the industry and the market since it was launched. Through ESH, UKCA and other international certifications, it has become the recommended product of the European Hypertension Society, the British Hypertension Society (BIHS) and the 2020 China Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Guidelines, and is sold well in the UK, Italy, Spain, the UK, Southeast Asia, Africa and other overseas markets.



Iran Annual Cardiology Congress Site


This conference also received praise and cooperation invitations from overseas customers to further expand overseas markets.