HINGMED 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Appears at 2022 China Hospital Information Network Conference

On February 24, the "2022 China Hospital Information Network Conference (CHINC) and China Medical Information Technology Exhibition" sponsored by the Hospital Management Research Institute of the National Health Commission and undertaken by China Digital Medicine Magazine Co., Ltd. kicked off in Shenzhen.


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HINGMED presented two 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitors, ABP-03 and WBP-02A, at this conference to share with peers and the audience the advanced blood pressure monitoring technology and products of HINGMED, and jointly explore the new trends and new achievements of intelligent medical care.

Conference site



24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is the first product of HINGMED. The ABP-03 has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, strong anti-interference ability, high measurement success rate, position recording, accurate measurement, etc.


HINGMED ABP-03 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


On the basis of strong anti-interference ability, high success rate of measurement, and accurate position recording and measurement, WBP-02A further realizes the innovation of non-trachea, smaller and lighter wearable.


HINGMED WBP-02A Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


HINGMED 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor has passed the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) clinical verification, access to the UK UKCA certification, the European Society of Hypertension, the British Society of Hypertension (BIHS), "2020 China ambulatory blood pressure monitoring guidelines" recommended products.

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