Xingmai Medical Releases WIFI Edition Wearable Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Starpulse Medical (Hingmed Medical) is a clinical-grade medical device manufacturer that launched the world's first clinical-grade wearable 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor (Starpulse Hingmed WBP).

Inside the hospital, nurses measure blood pressure for many patients every day, and a large amount of blood pressure data is generated every day. How to manage and use these data? Xingmai Medical has added WIFI wireless transmission function on the basis of its wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor. Makes the hospital wireless blood pressure data monitoring, data collection, management possible.

For example, inpatients or outpatients need blood pressure monitoring. The nurse/doctor only needs to wear the WIFI version star pulse wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor for the patient, and can perform the following operations on the blood pressure monitor through the computer of the nurse/doctor station:

1. Remote operation of blood pressure measurement. Click the button on the computer and the patient's blood pressure monitor will take blood pressure measurement. And the measurement results are transmitted back to the patient's name file on the computer.

2. The blood pressure meter is automatically measured through the computer screen, so that it can be automatically measured at regular intervals. And transfer the data back to the computer.

3. The alarm can be set through the computer software. For blood pressure that exceeds the standard, the computer automatically gives an alarm.

4. After the blood pressure monitoring is completed, the summary report function of the computer software is used to automatically give the blood pressure summary analysis report of the patient during hospitalization.

Such a process can optimize and improve many current blood pressure-related treatment processes in the hospital, improve efficiency, avoid human errors, and improve the quality of hospital services. For example, for dialysis patients, blood pressure monitoring is a necessary link. If the star pulse WIFI version of the blood pressure monitor, whether it is the quality of treatment, or the efficiency of hospital management, will be a revolutionary improvement.

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