Dynamic sphygmomanometer: what is the use of dynamic sphygmomanometer

Sphygmomanometers are of great help to the human body. It can accurately treat blood pressure changes and keep abreast of your blood pressure health. Once an abnormality occurs, it can be found immediately and dealt with in time, so everyone can understand the use of some ambulatory sphygmomanometers and their advantages, so as to help themselves use ambulatory sphygmomanometers more reasonably.


24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: What is 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?

Under normal circumstances, people with high blood pressure should lower their blood pressure in a timely and reasonable manner, otherwise when the blood pressure continues to rise, the body will suffer obvious damage. However, some people suffer from severe high blood pressure and need to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Control the development of the disease in a reasonable way and, if necessary, check the health of the body with a blood pressure test. So, what is 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring? Who needs to do it?


Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price: the significance of 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure

The 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure is a diagnostic technique that uses an instrument to automatically and intermittently measure blood pressure in daily life. Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price


Using star vein medical automatic sphygmomanometer, we can scan the two-dimensional code on WeChat to obtain the results.

Star vein medical automatic blood pressure meter will soon be registered by the Food and Drug Administration, and launched the market.


Xingmai Medical Releases Bluetooth Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Because people's blood pressure is constantly fluctuating throughout the day. Therefore, the common practice of clinical diagnosis of hypertension is to carry out 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. It is to continuously measure human blood pressure within a certain period of time (usually one to two days), and draw a person's blood pressure trend chart according to the measurement results. The WBP-02 wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor launched by Star Pulse Medical makes it possible to monitor ambulatory blood pressure in the home environment.


Star vein medical through ISO and CE certification

Starpulse Medical (Hingmed Medical) is a clinical-grade medical device manufacturer, introducing the world's first clinical-grade wearable 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor.


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