Xingmai Medical Releases Bluetooth Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Because people's blood pressure is constantly fluctuating throughout the day. Therefore, the common practice of clinical diagnosis of hypertension is to carry out 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. It is to continuously measure human blood pressure within a certain period of time (usually one to two days), and draw a person's blood pressure trend chart according to the measurement results. The WBP-02 wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor launched by Star Pulse Medical makes it possible to monitor ambulatory blood pressure in the home environment.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement

This blood pressure meter can be programmed through APP and then measured automatically without any manual operation. After the measurement is completed, the data is transmitted to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, and the individual 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure curve can be obtained through APP.

Strong anti-interference ability of technology, making dynamic measurement possible in wearable environment.

Xingmai WBP-02 wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor has strong anti-interference ability and good measurement consistency in dynamic environment. Even in outdoor, such as car, office, plane, etc. can also be accurately measured. While measuring blood pressure, you can also sense your body posture and movement state when measuring.

Clinical level, accurate measurement

The star pulse blood pressure monitor has clinical-level accuracy and stability, and superior temperature compensation performance. Can work stably under harsh natural conditions. Whether it is cold and humid northern winter, or hot, dry desert summer, can be accurate and stable measurement of blood pressure.

Small and light, low power consumption, real wearable blood pressure meter

WBP-02 wearable blood pressure monitor is small and light. The weight of the bare metal is 105 grams, and the volume and weight are smaller than ordinary smart phones. Another feature of the star pulse blood pressure monitor is low power consumption and long standby time. One charge can guarantee at least 100 blood pressure measurements.

Combined with mobile APP to realize blood pressure trend analysis

Star pulse blood pressure APP can display the user's blood pressure trend in a certain period of time (one day, one week, one month, or even one year), thus helping to judge the user's blood pressure control effect during this period of time, whether special attention should be paid to blood pressure in life, whether medication is required or whether the medication plan needs to be adjusted, etc.

Using wireless transmission of blood pressure data to form remote diagnosis of hypertension

Through the mobile phone APP, blood pressure data can be transmitted remotely, and doctors can always grasp the patient's condition and realize remote monitoring and diagnosis.



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