Using star vein medical automatic sphygmomanometer, we can scan the two-dimensional code on WeChat to obtain the results.

Star vein medical automatic blood pressure meter will soon be registered by the Food and Drug Administration, and launched the market.

One of the prominent functions is that whether the machine itself is connected to the external Internet or not, in addition to displaying the measurement results normally, it also displays a two-dimensional code for users to scan WeChat to obtain readings and transmit the data to their doctors or relatives through WeChat.

Star vein medical automatic sphygmomanometer has color screen and digital tube screen two models. The model of the color screen will display the two-dimensional code on the screen after the measurement is completed, and the two-dimensional code will also be displayed on the printed result.

Nowadays, people increasingly rely on smart phones and WeChat to manage and record personal data. This function of the star pulse medical automatic sphygmomanometer provides great convenience for users to remember and save personal data.
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