Star Medical Releases Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

As a hypertensive patient, has been busy for the business trip, can not monitor their blood pressure troubles.

His usual blood pressure is not stable, planning to travel to the plateau area. Will the blood pressure suddenly rise and be dangerous?

When the boat nervous, high blood pressure patients worry about their blood pressure will not be higher than the rise, how to do?

The WBP-02 wearable blood pressure monitor introduced by xingmai medical makes it possible to measure blood pressure at any time, which solves various problems such as inconvenient carrying of traditional blood pressure monitor, inconvenient recording of data, unintuitive viewing of data, etc., so that you can quickly understand your blood pressure status and take corresponding measures under the above difficult circumstances.

Star vein wearable blood pressure monitor is small, lightweight, bare weight is only 99 grams. The use of metal shell, beautiful, strong.

The fuselage is available in pink and silvery white colors. The size is only 119 X19X52mm, which is much smaller than ordinary smart phones.

The WBP-02 wearable blood pressure monitor adopts the oscillometric blood pressure measurement technology of Xingmai Medical's independent intellectual property rights, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, good measurement consistency in dynamic environment, clinical level and accurate measurement. This technology can help you measure your blood pressure accurately in daily life, even when you are outdoors and not in a quiet state.

The blood pressure monitor is wirelessly connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and the blood pressure monitor can be controlled through APP. The measurement data can also be transmitted to the mobile phone, and the data can be analyzed by APP.

However, this does not mean that the star pulse blood pressure monitor must be used in conjunction with the mobile phone, and it cannot be used without the mobile phone. There is a measurement start/stop button on the phone. Press this button and the blood pressure monitor will also start the measurement. The measurement data is stored in the machine. When it is convenient to connect the mobile phone with the blood pressure monitor, the data will be automatically transmitted to the mobile phone. The blood pressure monitor can store up to 100 pieces of data.

Another feature of the star pulse blood pressure monitor is low power consumption and long standby time. A single charge can guarantee at least 100 blood pressure measurements. If you measure your blood pressure 5 times a day, you can charge it every 20 days.

While measuring blood pressure, the star pulse blood pressure monitor can also sense your body posture and motion state during measurement, and record it for future analysis. Body position points: standing still/sitting, lying down, slight exercise and strenuous exercise, which can be used to help judge the cause of blood pressure rise and fall.

Xingmai Blood Pressure APP is also independently developed by Xingmai Medical and is suitable for various Android and Apple phones or Ipad.

Users can in the Android market, 360, pea pods, Apple Store and other public platforms or star vein website free download, installation.

Through the mobile phone APP, you can control the blood pressure monitor to measure, save the measurement data to the mobile phone, and browse through the APP. At the same time, APP helps to analyze the measurement data, and can form a blood pressure trend chart to help judge the rising and falling trend of blood pressure over a period of time.

For users who need to consult others, they can also use the email function on the APP to share the data with others.

Star pulse blood pressure APP has a warning function. When the blood pressure reading exceeds the set standard, the mobile phone will give an alarm to remind the measurer to pay attention.

An important function that the star pulse blood pressure monitor and APP can achieve is blood pressure trend analysis, that is, clinical ambulatory blood pressure analysis. Through the accumulation of different time measured data, and statistics. Star pulse APP can show the user's blood pressure trend in a certain period of time (one day, one week, one month, or even one year), thus helping to judge the user's blood pressure control effect during this period of time, whether special attention should be paid to blood pressure in life, whether medication is required or whether the medication plan needs to be adjusted, etc.

The cuff of the Star Vein Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor is lined with pure cotton fabric for comfortable sweat absorption. The cuff and body are designed to be detachable. After using for a period of time, you can follow the instructions. The user can take the cuff off the machine, take out the airbag, clear the jacket, and then install it for use.

Star pulse blood pressure monitor adopts Freescale pressure sensor, with clinical level accuracy and stability, temperature compensation performance is superior. Can work stably under harsh natural conditions. Whether it's a cold, wet northern winter or a hot, dry desert summer, you can accurately measure your blood pressure.

Mr. Zhang, head of the Xingmai medical market, said: "For some time, people have been talking about wearable medical. For blood pressure monitoring, this is not easy. The challenge comes from whether the technology itself has the ability to prevent interference in a dynamic environment, the low power consumption of the device itself, the small size, the small weight, and the stability of blood pressure monitoring. This product is the crystallization of our painstaking research for a long time, and he has effectively solved the above problems. I believe it will give people a great experience. This is especially true for people with high blood pressure or those who are concerned about their own blood pressure. The company will participate in the CMEF International Medical Equipment Expo held in Chongqing International Expo Center on October 22. The booth number is M03 of N7 Pavilion. Welcome to visit and consult."

In addition, xingmai medical also released ABP-03 (a) 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor:

For doctors in the hospital for patients with high blood pressure diagnosis use. For similar products on the market, the main features are as follows:

1. Strong anti-interference ability, good measurement consistency in dynamic environment.

2. Body position records, doctors can master the body position during measurement to help diagnosis.

3. The reading exceeds the warning function.

4. The software provides blood pressure morning peak index, smoothing index, coefficient of variation, arteriosclerosis index analysis.

5. Bluetooth wireless data transmission function.

6. Software provides up to 72 hours of data analysis.

7. Double pressure sensor, double protection function.

Star vein medical is a high-tech company, focusing on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technology and products. We are committed to building an enterprising, innovative team and corporate culture. The company's vision is to "make everyone's blood pressure healthier" and its mission is to "provide advanced blood pressure monitoring technology and products to enable people to more accurately understand their own blood pressure health".

Xingmai Medical's ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system can provide users with personalized blood pressure monitoring around the clock. The system is divided into two categories: clinical 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and home ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, which are used by clinicians for diagnosis and personal home health care monitoring.

Star pulse blood pressure technology has the characteristics of clinical level, strong anti-interference ability, A household dynamic, software analysis of blood pressure trends, can help users to achieve all-weather, all-round blood pressure personality monitoring.

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