Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price: the significance of 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure

The 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure is a diagnostic technique that uses an instrument to automatically and intermittently measure blood pressure in daily life.Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price


Ambulatory blood pressure manufacturers mainly rely on the average value of 24 hours a day and night to understand the dynamic changes of blood pressure, and provide a reliable basis for the clinical diagnosis of hypertension. The 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure of ambulatory blood pressure manufacturers helps to analyze, judge and diagnose suspected hypertension. Blood pressure monitoring may be considered for women, non-smokers, people with newly discovered hypertension, clinical systolic blood pressure between 140-150mmHg, diastolic blood pressure between 90-99mmHg, and people without left ventricular hypertrophy.Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price

24 hours of significance of ambulatory blood pressure:

The 1.4-hour ambulatory blood pressure can eliminate the contingency of elevated blood pressure, avoid the influence of emotions, activities, diet, smoking and other factors, and is closer to the real blood pressure than the general clinic, so it is more useful and meaningful in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

2. The amount of information is greater than the occasional measured value, with good repeatability and accuracy, and can reflect the change law of blood pressure in a day.

The 3.24-hour ambulatory blood pressure information is more comprehensive and detailed, and is less affected by psychological behavior or placebo, and there is no "white coat effect", which provides a reliable basis for clinical judgment.Ambulatory blood pressure monitor manufacturers supply price

4. Fully grasp the blood pressure status of patients with hypertension and understand the changes of blood pressure.

5. It is very helpful to analyze whether hypertension patients are a-shaped curve or non-shaped curve, which is very helpful to guide drug treatment and adjust drug treatment.

It is helpful to assess the relationship between hypertension and target organ damage and to guide the use of drugs.

7.24-hour ambulatory blood pressure helps predict cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention.

8. It can improve the detection rate of asymptomatic mild hypertension and borderline hypertension, and provide appropriate and reasonable treatment in time.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure is important for the diagnosis of hypertension. Therefore, ambulatory blood pressure manufacturers recommend that every hypertensive patient undergo 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring every quarter.

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