Comfortable and convenient! Star vein 360 automatic binding sphygmomanometer cuff patented

At present, more and more users use sphygmomanometers to do blood pressure tests at home to monitor their health. The sphygmomanometer is usually equipped with a cuff for strapping on the arm, and the blood pressure is measured by wearing the cuff on the arm.


Common home blood pressure cuff has several pain points:



1. When wearing, you need to observe a specific angle to ensure that the artery mark on the cuff points to the elbow fossa, otherwise it will affect the accuracy and consistency of the measurement. For elderly users, especially those who are not very familiar with blood pressure measurement, this aspect is prone to errors, resulting in deviation of the measurement results.

2, ordinary blood pressure cuff because it can not automatically shrink into a circle, the user will be more difficult to use the other hand to wear it on the other arm. Sometimes you even have to find a second person to help wear it.

3, common common blood pressure cuff often with a hoop, after wearing, especially when the pressure measurement of blood pressure, the hoop will be pressed into the arm muscles, causing discomfort.


In order to solve the above problems, Xingmai Medical has developed a 360 ° automatic bundled sphygmomanometer cuff, which was granted a patent by the National Patent Office on July 20, 2021.


The 360 ° automatic binding cuff of the star vein solves the above pain points well.


1. The cuff is worn on the upper arm,No need to pay attention to any horizontal wearing angle,360 ° any wear can be accurate measurement, does not affect the measurement results.



2. The cuff can be automatically contracted and bundled around the upper arm, and a person can easily wear it independentlyVery convenient to use.



3. The star vein 360 ° cuff is evenly contracted and fixed on the arm,During the pressure measurement, the arm feels very slightly compressed and there is no hard object to the muscles.The comfort is better.



In addition to the above advantages, compared with other 360 ° automatic binding cuffs on the market, Xingmai's cuff also has an important technical improvement, which is also the core of Xingmai's blood pressure cuff patent.

Star vein blood pressure cuff patent design


The outer surface of the inner airbag of the star blood pressure cuff is surrounded by multiple shrapnel arranged side by side, so that the blood pressure cuff can automatically shrink to the arm in a circular shape. There is a certain gap between each shrapnel. The usefulness of these gaps is that when the sphygmomanometer makes an inflation measurement,The airflow can use the gaps between the shrapnel inside the airbag to quickly penetrate the entire airbag, so that the pressure inside the airbag is quickly and evenly distributed, which is conducive to the accuracy and stability of blood pressure measurement.



In addition to the above advantages, the star pulse 360 ° automatic binding blood pressure cuff alsoIt has the advantage of being lighter and thinner, and there is no cumbersome feeling to wearUsers are more comfortable to use.



Xingmai Medical (Hingmed) was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of medical devices. The company focuses on the technology and products of blood pressure monitoring and respiration. The wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor and medical automatic electronic sphygmomanometer have been widely used in domestic and foreign markets and have won a good reputation.


In the future, Xingmai Medical will continue to increase product research and development and innovation to bring consumers more professional, scientific and beautiful blood pressure monitoring and respiratory products.


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