Yan value and strength! Star vein home electronic sphygmomanometer V03D design patent

Star vein medical non-tracheal table electronic sphygmomanometer V03D, in December 2022, the State Intellectual Property Office authorized the design patent certificate.



The traditional table-type electronic sphygmomanometer has a half-meter-long trachea, which connects the cuff with the host, just like the wire of a wired earphone. It is easy to wrap around the arm and is very inconvenient to use. Although the star vein medical V03D is still composed of cuff and host,There is no trachea between the cuff and the host, which relieves the trouble of winding and the limitation of the distance between the arm and the host during measurement, which greatly improves the convenience and comfort of use.. This technology is Xingmai's own intellectual property (patent number ZC2020188).



The second innovation of V03D is the storage of the cuff. The traditional desktop sphygmomanometer usually cannot be stored in the cuff, and can only be placed beside the host in a scattered way.Star vein V03D has a special cuff storage design, the cuff can be placed on the back of the host for easy storage, and magnetic adsorption fits perfectly!

Star vein V03D patent design


The third point is the fashion sense of design. The appearance of the traditional table sphygmomanometer reflects the professional medical sense, and the shape is more traditional.Star vein V03D in the design into the home and intelligent attributes, integrated modeling simple fashion, both functional and aesthetic!

Star vein V03D patent design


Beautiful and ingenious conception, the ultimate simple aesthetics, convenient fashion, different! Xingmai V03D, a new product with both appearance and strength, has won the favor of many consumers as soon as it is launched. Today, when the market products tend to be homogeneous, it is refreshing.


Star vein V03D patent design


Xingmai medical products are widely recognized by markets at home and abroad, and are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. They have passed the clinical verification of the European Hypertension Society (ESH) and obtained the UKCA certification in the UK. It has become the European Hypertension Society, the British Hypertension Society (BIHS), "2020 China Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Guidelines" recommended products.



While dedicated to technical research and product development, Star Medical also attaches equal importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. At present, Xingmai Medical hasIt has obtained 24 patents including invention patents and 13 software copyrights.,Several other patents are pending.

In the future, Xingmai Medical will continue to increase product research and development and innovation to bring consumers more professional, scientific and beautiful blood pressure monitoring and respiratory products.

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