Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Validated by ISO 81060-2: 2018

An automatic blood pressure monitor ensures the blood pressure readings that are consistently stored in the device. An automatic blood pressure monitor is accurate, portable, and easy to read. No matter for clinics, hospitals, or pharmacists, choosing a validated automatic blood pressure monitor is the premise for accurate blood pressure measurements.


Are automatic blood pressure monitors accurate?

Automatic blood pressure monitors that are validated by ISO 81060-2:2018,  like HINGMED DBP-01P, are accurate. There are three types of automatic blood pressure monitors, one kind is tabletop automatic blood pressure monitors, the other is automatic blood pressure monitors on the upper arm, and the last one is wrist blood pressure monitors. Compared to wrist blood pressure monitors, automatic blood pressure monitors measured on the upper arm are more accurate. DBP-01P is validated by Professor Via Delle Melette, Italy, which is accuracy guaranteed.


Which is the best automatic blood pressure machine?

The best automatic blood pressure machine with a kiosk system is DBP-01P. A clinically validated blood pressure machine meets the specifications required by ISO 81060-2: 2018 protocol. With voice broadcast, the blood pressure machine displays a loud number for readings, reminding patients to notice diet balance and exercise for body health.

When choosing an automatic blood pressure machine, you should consider the following things, like

Maintenance cost: The endurance of an automatic blood pressure is a part of product quality. Developed by HINGMED, DBP-01P, a modular design can greatly reduce the cost.  

Memory function: An automatic blood pressure machine should have a large data memory capacity to store blood pressure readings. DBP-01P can store 9999 sets of blood pressure and pulse rate data.

Automatic cuff: Along with the automatic cuff, patients' blood pressure readings can be detected through the blood flow.

Easy readout: An easy readout digital screen assists patients in reading measurements clearly with difficulty.