Precise Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Used by Hypertensive Patients

Choosing a precise automatic blood pressure monitor to go into the clinic is significant for the following diagnosis.


Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff

When choosing an automatic blood pressure monitor cuff, there are three things to think over. The first one is the type, like wrist bp monitor, upper arm bp monitor, and fully automatic bp monitor( tabletop blood pressure monitor used in clinic.) Further, size is the essential requirement. Patients need to choose the suitable automatic blood pressure monitor cuff size to measure. Or else, it will affect the readings. Third, features is the priority among the priorities. Clinically validated accuracy automatic blood pressure monitor cuff is the most vital, Hingmed DBP-01P has passed ISO 81060-2:2018 protocol.


What is automatic blood pressure?

A digital automatic blood pressure monitor records blood pressure readings by using an oscillometric technology, like DBP-01P, resting in a place. The cuff will automatically shrink when the operator click the “ start” button. After a few minutes, the ultra screen will show the numbers of diastolic and systolic blood pressure numbers, syncing with the voice broad cast, what’s more, the machine will print the paper(by showing the patients’ readings) at the same.



Is manual blood pressure better than automatic?

Accuracy in clinical settings of automatic blood pressure monitor is a weighing question to consider. In the study of JWatch, automated blood pressure readings is more accurate than the manual one. From one point, the automatic blood pressure monitor is more safe. The mercury sphymanomameter has been prohibited production from 2026 according to the China’s policy owing to the reason of mercury’s danger. On the other way, automatic blood pressure monitor is easier to operate. Compared by the manual blood pressure monitor, the automatic bp monitor don’t need to wait to listen to the first sound of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The air pump to inflate a cuff around the patient’s arm shows the exact numbers through the blood flowing an artery.