BIHS Approved Blood Pressure Monitor: HINGMED WBP-02A

One of the most necessary elements you need to know about blood pressure monitoring is to choose a validated BP monitor. Here is the question, where to figure out an authority institution to check BP accuracy? Today, we are going to know more about BIHS approved blood pressure monitors and the accuracy of the blood pressure monitoring.  


What is BIHS approved?

BIHS( British and Irish Hypertension Society) publishes blood pressure monitors for accuracy. The machine has been tested by independent agencies. What’s more, the blood pressure monitoring machine approved by BIHS helps people select the most precise BP monitor no matter for clinic or home use. HINGMED WBP-02A has been approved by the BIHS, the top brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists.


Is electronic bp machine accurate?

Most people used to measure blood pressure monitor by using a mercury sphygmomanometer. However, the digital electronic bp monitor is more convenient for recording and storing blood pressure readings.  Compared to the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer, the electronic bp monitor can measure their diastolic and systolic in a short time. As for the accuracy, the electronic BP machine that is validated by BIHS is precise.


Which blood pressure monitor to buy?

Among the market, there are many blood pressure monitors. Nevertheless, some of the hot-selling machines are not approved by authority institutions. Choosing from the BIHS, picking one blood pressure machine for your health, like HINGMED WBP-02A, an ambulatory blood pressure monitor(ABPM). It is tubeless, lightweight(105g), and wearable.

Finding a problem with picking a blood pressure monitor?

WBP-02A is a validated ambulatory blood pressure monitoring approved by BHS&BIHS.


Are HINGMED BP monitors accurate?

HINGMED blood pressure monitors have passed rigorous tests and are approved by BIHS, hence, HINGMED BP monitors are accurate, and people can buy a blood pressure monitoring to track their blood pressure readings.