Make everyone healthier! Star Vein Medical Appears in MEDICA 2022

As the world's largest and most authoritative hospital and medical equipment, supplies professional exhibition,MEDICAL 2022In11Month14-17Grand opening in Düsseldorf, Germany. Xingmai Medical exhibited a variety of sphygmomanometers, and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with medical colleagues from all over the world, cooperation and win-win, and looking forward to the future.



While continuously consolidating the foundation of the domestic market and promoting the upgrading of research and development, sales and service systems, the layout of the overseas market of Xingmai Medical has begun to bear fruit. Xingmai Medical has established sales channels in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, and its products are exported overseas.20A number of international and regional, and through a number of international certification such:ISO13485,CE,ESHclinical validation,ISO 81060-22018Clinical validation to achieve rapid breakthroughs. More and more Xingmai products appeared on the international stage and were highly recognized by customers.




This timeMEDICALExhibition, star vein medical display3Hot selling sphygmomanometer.


1. Wearable24hourly ambulatory blood pressure monitor


2. Automatic desktop sphygmomanometer


3. Household upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer


Uphold"Scientific and technological innovation, quality first" business philosophy, star vein medical in the past ten years won the national high-tech enterprises.

Xingmai Medical's products are innovative.+Quality to win market recognition.


1)24hourly ambulatory blood pressure monitoringWBP-02A:The world's first wireless wearable24hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor, more comfortable24Hour blood pressure monitoring experience.


2) Medical automatic electronic sphygmomanometerDBP-01P:The world's first fully automatic electronic sphygmomanometer with pure modular design has more stable quality and more convenient after-sales service.


3) Household upper arm electronic sphygmomanometerQ06: The world's smallest and lightest household electronic sphygmomanometer, portable design to measure blood pressure all the time. Bluetooth connectionAPPIt can record and store blood pressure data in real time.


Xingmai people are committed to research and development, innovation, quality, Do not forget your initiative mind, and forge ahead.

In the next2023Starvein will continue to introduce innovative blood pressure monitors and home ventilators for the first time.

ExpectMEDICAL 2023!

Looking forward to a better star!

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