HINGMED Appears at 27th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition

HINGMED will participate in the 27th International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition to be held in Beijing National Convention Center from March 26 to 28, 2015, booth number 5B119. Please pay attention!

HINGMED will exhibit ABP-03(B) ambulatory blood pressure monitors, WBP-02A wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitors, on site.

ABP-03(B) is a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor for clinical diagnosis and screening of hypertension. The main advantages are: clinical level, accurate measurement, strong anti-interference ability, and good measurement consistency in dynamic environment. With body position recording, reading excessive warning, Bluetooth wireless transmission function. ABP-03 system software is the only one in the world that can provide blood pressure morning peak index, smoothness index, coefficient of variation, arteriosclerosis index and other professional blood pressure analysis software, which is very helpful to doctors in clinical research.


WBP-02A is a wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which makes ambulatory blood pressure monitoring more convenient and comfortable in the home environment. Small, light, beautiful, bare weight is only 99 grams. Compared with the traditional ambulatory blood pressure, the main features of this model are small size and good portability. Lithium battery power supply, very environmentally friendly. In addition, it also has clinical level, accurate measurement, strong anti-interference ability, and good measurement consistency in dynamic environment. It has the functions of body position recording and warning of excessive reading.

HINGMED is a high-tech company, focusing on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technology and products. We are committed to building an enterprising, innovative team and corporate culture. The company's vision is to "make everyone's blood pressure healthier" and its mission is to "provide advanced blood pressure monitoring technology and products to enable people to more accurately understand their own blood pressure health".

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