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Hingmed Medical is a high technology company with dynamic team and creative culture; focuses on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technology and products. Our vision is “everyone BP healthy”, and our mission is “providing high end BP monitoring technology and product, to let people understand their BP healthy accurately”.

ABP-03 24小时动态血压监测仪

ABP-03 Hospital ABPM

24 Hours ABPM with body position record
Motion tolorance, good measurement consistence
Clinical level , accurate reading.
Aram function for out of BP limit reading.
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ABP-03 24小时动态血压监测仪

WBP-02A Hospital ABPM

24 hours ambulatory BP measurement, good motion tolerance.
Clinical level, accurate reading.
Body position record.
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ABP-03 24小时动态血压监测仪


Support WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS data transmission
To build in hospital BP network
Help to optimize Hypertension diagnosis process View more

ABP-03 24小时动态血压监测仪

DBP-01 Clinical Automatic BP Monitor

Measurement during intelligent inflation, Fast & Comfortable.
Cuff cylinder is adjustable at up-down right-left angle.
Reading in two-bar-codes. View more